About Us

Welcome to the I Am McMusic music blog! I'm your host McMusic, aka Mr. McMusic, Dr. McMusic, Dr. Muse, Captain Music. We have a growing blog sharing some of the music that makes us go. It's a great therapy for those who are sad, a good release for those who are angry, and can bring people together. It's a powerful thing. So be prepared to lose large chunks of your days in the near future listening to some of my favorites. Send requests to mcmusic2@gmail.com, no mashups will be posted. Lata.

Whats good? I'm the first mate DJ BassLine, aka Gandhi, aka Jesus (yes the guy in a white robe with a beard you hear about in that really thick book that has way t0o thin of pages), aka Tha Boss. You want it? We got it, no questions asked, except for maybe why? Besides that your good. The more you ask for the more you get. Feel free to request anything and everything (yes even the Beackstreet Boys and Hanson). I'm shufflin out. Peace.